New free service for network members

New free service for network members

Hi there,

We just published a new service that is available for free for members of the FBIN Network, the ONLINE SHOP QUICK CHECK.

The Online Shop Quick Check identifies the top 5 points of any potential that are still unused as well as potential sources of error in the customer experience. The analysis includes the issues and possible solutions.

A note from Isabel from our Knowledge Partner Overdose about the OQC:

An external view onto an online shop can often lead to overcoming company blindness and discovering potential sources of error and unused potential. This is exactly what we have made it our task with the Quick Check, with which we analyze your online shop based on a combination of our expertise and the view of a customer and improve it with specific solutions.

We’ll show you the top 5 areas of improvement that can enhance your customer experience and, as a result, the overall shopping experience for customers.

Simply send me an email if you want to do the OQC.

Best regards
Thomas Maurer and the FBIN Team


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